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            Steel for Automotive Lightweighting

            NEXMET? is an innovative family of high strength steels for use in automotive lightweighting applications. These products are specifically designed to assist OEMs in meeting future U.S. Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) targets.

            The NEXMET family of products offer high strength, greater ductility, and improved formability solutions for structural and exterior automotive body lightweighting needs.

            NEXMET 440EX is an exposed surface quality product combining high yield and tensile strength at thinner gauges to facilitate lightweight designs.

            NEXMET 1000 and 1200 are revolutionary, hot dip galvanized products, intended for structural applications. Offering the best in strength and elongation, while maintaining the ability to be cold stamped.

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            Product Applications

            Available Grades


            NEXMET 440EX

            NEXMET 1000/1200

            Product Details

            NEXMET 440EX - Benefits and Advantages

            Enabling automotive customers to realize improvements to dent resistance, as well as opportunities in weight savings, NEXMET 440EX represents the next generation of high performance, material for exposed surface applications.

            • Low carbon base composition
            • Significant mass savings potential
            • Improved dent resistance
            • High strength and formability
            • Surface-critical application
            • High total elongation
            • Superior surface and coating quality
            • Bake-hardenable
            • Galvannealed (GA)
            • Galvanized (GI)

            NEXMET 1000/1200 - Benefits and Advantages

            Lightweighting solutions providing significantly improved formability at higher ultimate tensile strength levels, allowing automotive customers greater opportunities for lightweighting. Modifications to our Hot Dip Galvanizing Line at Dearborn Works permit the production of both coated and cold-rolled Next-Generation Advanced High Strength Steels on the same line.

            • Lean C-Mn base composition
            • Continuous yielding
            • Excellent uniform elongation
            • High strain rate sensitivity
            • Good fatigue resistance
            • Bake-hardenable
            • Cold Rolled (CR)
            • Galvanized (GI)
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